Image Product Description Quantity
Corner flag set of 4 pcs
Speed ladder 8m
Speed rings
Speed hurdle 12' to 18'
    21' to 34'
Marker cones 50pcs Set of 50 cones in 5 colors
Dome marker cones 40pcs Comes in a set of 40 dome markers in 4 colors, 10 of each color
Agility coaching kit    
Indoor 9 PVC poles of 1 diameter x 60 length
6 hollow dome base
6 plastic clamps
Comes in a carry bag
Outdoor 9 spiked PVC Poles of 1.25 dia x 60 length
6 plastic clamps
Comes in a carry bag
Heavy dome base  
Mega cone agility 20 mega disc cones and 10 poles of
30 length and 32mm dia
Comes in a carry bag
Traffic cones 6'
Cones with holes
Passing arc arc
Power speed sled  
Speed chute  
Resistance power jumper  
Shoulder resistance harness  
Water bottles / stand water bottles
    6 bottles stand
    10 bottles stand
Training bibs S size
    M size
    L size

Soccer tennis net  
Soccer goal net 2.5mm 24' x 8'
    16' x 7'
    10' x 7'
Slalom poles slalom poles
    Slalom pole bag 12 pcs
    Slalom sping base pole
Net ball carry bag  
Perimeter net 6m x 35m
Tactic soccer board  
Line marker  
Line marker paint  
Plifix marker  
Fertiliser spreader  
Goal post 24' x 8'
    16' x 7'
    10' x 7'
Ball pump  
Ball gauge  
Captain armband junior
Medical bag  
goalkeeper gloves
balance disk
bosu ball
medicine balls
skipping rope
heart meter
aerobic rubber
Aerobic band